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Create a new Relationship

with your child 

ABOUT Elizabeth

Hello and Welcome! As a parent coach,  I'm passionate about helping parents shift from a place of frustration and overwhelm to creating a greater sense of peace in themselves as well as a more positive connection with their child. I encourage parents to celebrate who they are as parents and to embrace a new perspective in creating the family life that they desire. 


I have a unique style of coaching that includes guiding the parent in creating shifts through positive focus of mind, body and spirit. By focusing on these 3 elements of who we are , I help the parent unlock their ability to take control of their own life through their own inner transformation. 

Benefits of Coaching
  • Increase parents' happiness scale.

  • Clear the clouds of frustration and overwhelm and feel peace in any situation.

  • Create a new vision for your relationship with your child.

  • Gain greater cooperation and connection with your child.

  • Experience fewer power struggles, less reminding and no more yelling.

  • Believe in a higher power? Tap into this belief and feel supported.

  • Transform your moment to moment experiences, by noticing your triggers.

  • Be proactive (not reactive) and let the good times roll without feeling like you’re pushing a rock up a hill.

  • Look through the lens of love and feel more ease and appreciation in your relationships.

How do you know if you're Ready for this Coaching?

  • You're tired of the endless battles with your child and seek peace and harmony in your home. 

  • You're ready to take your power back, but you're not sure how.

  • You would like guidance on how to transform your moment to moment experiences with your child.


If you have more questions and would like to get a feel for how our sessions would work, click on the button below for a free 30 minute discovery call. 


If you're ready and you'd like me to be your guide for creating a better relationship with your child, click on Services on the top menu to book a session with me.